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An EKG or ECG is a painless test that records the electrical impulses coming from your heart using electrodes placed on your skin. An electrocardiogram is often used to help detect abnormal beats, reveal previous heart damage, or determine of the heart has been enlarged due to high blood pressure.

Holter and Event Monitors

Holter and event monitors are small, portable devices that you wear. They record the electrical activity of your heart as you go about your normal activities. This allows your doctor to see irregular cardiac events, monitor your heart and review how you respond to heart medications.

Pacemaker Monitoring

Monitoring a pacemaker remotely allows your doctor to detect abnormal changes in your heart much faster and easier than ever before. Your doctor can program your pacemaker to work in different ways, according to your specific needs, transmitting the data directly to the office for review.

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We offer a wide range of services and procedures to help you live as fully as possible. If you or someone you care about needs exceptional heart care, we can help. Get the effective, comprehensive cardiac care you need with medical professionals you can trust.

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